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Name of the research team

Research and development of industrial engineering tasks in the conditions of digital company

Head of the research team

doc. Ing. Michal Šimon, Ph.D.
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
Mechanical faculty, UWB in Pilsen
e-mail: simon@kpv.zcu.cz
phone: +420 377 638 400

Main scopes of the research

The main task of the research team is to optimize and rationalize the processes related to the efficient functioning of production in the concept of digitization and industry 4.0. The research team focuses mainly on research and development in the following areas:

• Digital company
• Intelligent production management and logistics system
• Ergonomics in the context of sustainable development
• Using virtual reality tools to increase the efficiency of production systems design

With the gradual rise of digitalisation and industry transformation in terms of Industry 4.0 concept, many companies are faced with key decisions that need to be supported by detailed analyses. The research team's task is therefore also to cooperate on these topics with the industrial sphere in customer research.